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Consecrated : 10th March 1902

"From its origin to the present hour, in all its vicissitudes, Masonry has been the steady, unvarying friend of man" - Rev. Erastus Burr


Freemasonry and Religion.

     Masonry is neither a religion, nor a substitute for religion. All are welcome to join, provided they believe in a Supreme Being. Freemasonry is a means by which men of different faiths may meet in harmony, when perhaps they would otherwise remain at a perpetual distance. Discussion on religion or politics is not allowed in the Lodge. It is generally acknowledged that all religions teach us to do good, sincere, truthful and honest. This fits very well with Masonic philosophy and we encourage our members to follow their own religion or denomination, if that is their will. We never tell a man how he should pray or for what he should pray.

     "Freemasonry has no dogma or theology. It teaches that it is important for every man to have a religion of his choice and to be faithful to it. A good Mason is made even more faithful to the tenets of his faith by membership.” Said Rev. Norman Vincent Peale, who was also a Mason.

     There is nothing whatsoever in being a Freemason that conflicts with a member’s religious beliefs and practices.

Why then are there some religions against Freemasonry?

     From time to time some religious leaders have spoken against Freemasonry, but it stems from a misunderstanding of what Freemasonry is all about. There are many members of the clergy of all the world’s major religions who are Freemasons and find no incompatibility with their beliefs and the Order. We will always have our critics and of course they are entitled to their views and they are also free to ask questions of us at any time.

Is it true that Freemasonry is anti-Semitic or anti-Catholic?

     No. Freemasonry promotes unity and tolerance amongst all men and does not discriminate against any religion. The principles and practices of Freemasonry are compatible with all compassionate religions that teach respect for the deity and tolerance towards one’s fellow man. If anything Freemasonry complements the philosophies of these faiths. There are many practicing Catholics and Jews who are Freemasons. Four Grand Masters of English Freemasonry have been Roman Catholics. Today there are many Roman Catholic Freemasons.

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